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Are we doing ecotherapy and providing nature-based experiences in our project? Or are we just following our common sense? We certainly didn't begin this project with these terms in our vocabulary, but it seems that there is much evidence for what we all have an intuitive hunch for...

Here are some more research and articles evidencing and discussing what we all know to be true - it is good to get some green outdoor activity into your life:

Article by VICE magazine references the original work of Edward O. Wilson in his publication Biophilia in 1984 and linking it to current trends in awareness of our need for a connection to nature

Green Infrastructure and the Health and Wellbeing Influences on an Ageing Population (GHIA) Research period 2016-2019 - Manchester University

Natural England : research about nature based (green care) activities being good for your mental health

MEMO Manchester's Environment Map Online - Manchester University

Find out what 30 days of doing something wild can do for your health! - University of Derby

The Huffington Post reminding us that for a long time treatments for mental illness included visits to curative areas of natural beauty,

The Guardian reports on a European study finding that access to nature reduces depression and diabetes

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