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Lost Gardens

How do we lose our cities 'breathing' spaces?

And can urban design bring any back?

The Manchester Art Gallery had an exhibition in 2015 about the Lost Gardens of Manchester showcasing the gardens we have lost over the last four centuries.

Pomona Island long lost as a botanical and pleasure garden, never-the-less re-emerged after servicing the Manchester Ship Canal as docklands, into the 'wilderness' as we saw in the video on our last blog post. Ecologists have recorded 100 bird species and over 150 flora species, within them, there are 33 biologically important species have been identified according to WeiHua Zhou .

As we also saw in the video of the last blog Pomona Island is now owned by Peel Group and its destiny is to be transformed into residential apartments block. So what might that look like? After doing some research my favourite design is far and away WeiHua Zhou's design for her master degree in Landscape Architecture: take a look on her website ( and read her considered re-visioning of the island:

Many thanks to Weihua Zhou for granting us permission to use her beautiful images here.

Another very different architectural design we can see for Pomona is by Peter Morris Manchester School or Architecture 2004:

However, it is the property company Peel that own the site, and here is the link to the Peel company website:

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