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  • Andrew Stevenson, MMU

Listening at Brooks

Each day this week, at work, in my place of work, a large, 5-storey, open plan, still new, glass-fronted building, I've taken a five minute awake siesta. In Spain siestas are traditionally talked about as short breaks from work. They can be taken in the workplace, or at home, in public parks, on walls. They're often used for sleeping. Each day this week, at work, I've taken mine sitting down or standing up, with my eyes closed. Not asleep, just resting my eyes.

I'm listening to other people working. Walking on the carpet. Talking about work. Talking and walking about work. Opening doors. The lift bing bong. That ring tone. That phrase 'to be fair'. Not finishing sentences. Not talking. Clinking. Some zips.

This building has many large, indoor thoroughfares and cavernous spaces that carry sound intact from a long way away. I can hear people typing from a a long way away. You can listen to people working without upsetting or interrupted them.

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