Leaving some space for wildlife?

February 27, 2018

How much of the earth should we set aside for wildlife in order to protect diversity?


This is the question to be discussed at the Symposium Zoological Society of London this week


Based on this question, The Nature Needs Half Movement is "a science-based and common-sense vision of a relationship between people and nature that ensures enough natural areas of land and water are protected and interconnected – and of sufficient size and resiliency – to provide life-supporting ecosystem and biodiversity services that are essential to both human health and prosperity and a bountiful, beautiful legacy of wild nature."


It will be interesting to follow up what comes out of these discussions, but for us living in cities we can also think about what measures we can take in the city to preserve wildlife and how we can live alongside nature in a more sustainable way.


Here are some really useful tips for preserving wildlife in our gardens and communities:



Urban sprawl is one of the key determinants in disappearing habitats for wildlife and pollinators and we need to begin to talk more about how we can protect enough of our cities to preserve enough wild spaces to support life. You can read more about the need to protect and preserve habitats here - both globally but also locally.




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