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"Not quite a show... more like an annual report for a project you didn't know existed"

Yesterday we had our mid-year 'sharing' event to tell the story of Mapping MCR's Quiet Spaces so far...

The event took place at St Lukes Church in Ardwick, Manchester in a very atmospheric space creating a special quiet encounter of its own as we sat in silence listening to the sound recordings of footsteps through the Whitworth Art Gallery, Honey Bees at the Growing Together Project at the Levenshulme Allotment, hydrophone recordings from within a water butt and more... Nigel Wood introduced his work running the Creating Writing poetry classes as part of this project and Dominique Tessier gave a fascinating over-view of her contribution to the blog in her postcard seriews #TreeSTory which documents the lost quiet spaces of Manchester and serves to remind us of the historical persective of the noisy city that is Manchester and how this lead to the development of publically (and privately) funded parks and gardens to allieviate the stresses of city living for ordinary folk.

We will be adding the media to the LISTEN page soon so you can also experience the slide show movie and sound recordings.

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