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Another City Space

Walking back from Angel Meadows I passed square that was empty but for the few people walking across to Victoria, and I was hit by the sound of the skaters practising their skills, chatting and hanging out. I stopped and listened, the sound of their boards coming and go and flying and flipping. Not long later I was asked to move - it turned out although I thought I was sitting far enough away from them, that my seat was their spring board... Apparently if their is wax on the edge of the stone it is used for skateboarding skills. I never knew, but looking around I could see what they meant. Invisible to the untrained eye all the edges of the stone around the square were shinning in the evening light. Helping the skateboarders slide along and do their tricks.

This was such a great space, young people using it as their creative space, their social space, their learning space, their performing space, their OWN space.

You can listen to this space here on our Listen Gallery

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