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  • Dominique Tessier


Spring Cleaning is coming early this... (pause) academic year. Won't last long as while dealing with yet another pile of miscellaneously organised books + documents, I spotted one of the English Letters penned by French philosopher Voltaire (1778). It was one of the items included in the Twenty First Century Cabinet of Curiosity which I presented at Curatorial Cultures (Science Museum, London)... back in 2009... (pause)... Anyway, here's an excerpt: 'But being retired in 1666, upon account of the Plague, to a solitude near Cambridge; as [Newton] was walking one day in his garden, + saw some fruits fall from a tree, he fell into a profound meditation on that gravity...'

If my memory serves me well Pomona + John Dalton made a brief appearance on that day: 11/11/2009...

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