Surprising Find at Apple Day @ Platt Fields Park

October 22, 2017



A brisk walk around the milenium and victoria orchards (guided by beautifully hand-drawn maps by artist in residence Alexandra Lewis available as a printed postcards set of 3 - pls contact Friends of Platt Fields Park for more info brought us to the largest Medlar trees in Europe! What a fabulous little fruit - apparently Medlars are a kind of quince type fruit, you pick them now and by Christmas they are soft enough to scoop out with a spoon - like a spiced apple sauce - this process is called 'bletting' which means that they have rotted down and are decomposing. Apparently a special treat for Chrismas day! Popular with King Henry the 8th...


Anyway, whilst looking around these unique orchards, we came across a small sunken garden that I have never seen before, even though I use that park a lot. Just goes to show how we navigate by our 'usual' routes and rarely try out new paths...



 So this was designed to be a 'secluded spot for people to enjoy some peaveful moments away from the bustle of city life' a perfect 'quiet space' to revisit with others from our project...





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