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Sound Recording at The HEAP

Fantastic way to spend World Mental Mental Health Day - recording the unique ambience and soundmarks of The Growing Together Project at Highfields Ecological Allotment Project. We spent some time reflecting on the practice of listening and what it can do for our mental health - especially when we listen to nature sounds in green and quiet places. According to the members of the Growing Project, spending good amount of time out doors, in green spaces is uplifting, peace-giving, relaxing, grounding, brings back good memories, helps us forget our current concerns and can take us to another place, to a more calm and spiritual place.

A big thank you to the Growing Together Project for being our first partner on MMQS it was fantastsic to listen alongside you. Lots of sounds recorded for posterity and hopefully to create a soundscape that brings people into the special accousitc space that is this amazing project... listen out for future posts!!

To find out more, please see our other blog plage (27th September- includes links to the Growing Together Project and their fundraising page), and our gallery page:

Here are some photographs from the day:

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