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Listening at the Growing Together Project, Highfields Ecological Allotment Project (HEAP)

Yesterday we ran two workshops with the Growing Together therapeutic horticulture project at Highfields Allotment in Levenshulme. It has been a few years since I last visited the project and so much has changed, the garden has matured, the building gives a real centre of home and warmth to the garden and the group is growing in participants and volunteers.

This is a truly joyful and inspirational green growing space.

Find out more about the Growing Together Project here:

If you would like to donate to support the project, find out more here

All of the following photographs were taken by a participant who wanted to share some of what she sees as special to the allotment as a quiet space:

This first image is my favourite, it is one of the volunteers standing at the entrance to the allotment, the photographer wanted to capture and convey the fact that there is always someone to greet and welcome you at the project.

Welcome to the Growing Project

See more about the Growing Together Project Listening Workshop by clicking here

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