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Support Parks by joining Friends Groups

Parks are obvious green spaces that can be tranquil places. They are also the lungs that help our cities breath and a much needed place for wildlife to thrive.

As a way of ensuring we continue to have quiet and tranquil green spaces within our city, one pro-active thing that we can all do is join our local Friends park group. This usually involves a cost of around £5 per year (sometimes less for people unwaged etc). ‘Friends’ groups are set up to help manage and take care of these spaces and create community spaces and activities to ensure that our parks and used by as many people as possible. Even if we choose not to join the groups with annual fees, we can still attend and support activities and events set up by friends groups and get more use our of our local parks.

You can search here on the council website to find out if your local park has a friends group:

Birchfields Park Lime Tree Bolulevard  October 2016, R Story

Birchfields Park Frosty Field Oct 2016 R Story

Some images from a publication of postcards, documenting Swinton Grove Park by St Lukes Art Project participants:

Rock Steady Fair Weathered Friends, RuQia (Artiste) Swinton Grove Park

Woman and The Seasons, Graham Martin

White Radiating Colour, Johnathan Murray

Rock of ages cleft for me, Angelica Botsoe
A view from the Ground, Rae Story

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