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Platt Fields Bat Walk

Catch yourselves a Bat Walk before they go into hibernation!

Saturday evening was the annual Bat Walk organised by Friends of Platt Fields Park. Gathering in the Lakeside Centre at 6pm for tea and biscuits and to see the lovely photos and quotes from people about the park we waited in anticipation for the 'Bat Man' to arrive... A great early evening activity for all the family, the Bat Man treated us to lots of incredible facts about these curious crepuscular mammals and then each small group was given a bat detector to go out and walk around the lake, Under the tree lined path next to the lake in the dusky half light, and with the dusk chorus of the ducks and swans, we were in for a real treat of bats literally flying in between us, over us, around us, and all the time our detectors were relaying the bat clicks and vibrations from their echolocation - which sounded somewhat like an interesting drum and base performance!

To find out more about bats and bat walks that are still happening, please contact:

South Lancashire Bat Group: email:

The event was far too emersive to be taking photos or recordings, but here is a photo of Platt Fields Lake taken earlier this summer on a bike-ride-cut-through.

Farside Platt Fields Lake

Lakeside image Platt Fields

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