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Create your own Tranquil Space

The environment that we live in is the one we are exposed to most. Deciding to create a living space that we find inspiring or calming, where we can feel happy and safe is part of what we can do for ourselves if we feel oppressed by city sights and noises. Even creating a dedicated quiet space or corner within in a room can give us a little sanctuary and somewhere we can be calm and quiet away from the hubbub. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, or a yard then lots can be done to create an ‘extra room in your house/flat’ or evey a beautiful space to look out onto from inside. In the summer there are different ‘Open Garden’s across different areas of the city and these are a fantastic way to find out how people have created their own quiet green spaces with all kinds of different styles and designs.

This website:

lists all the OPEN GARDENS across the country, you need to type in the area and see what comes up – this search doesn’t list the open gardens near to the area, so you do have to get the exact name of the place to give you a positive search result.

For instance here – I just typed in ‘Burnage’

And here I typed in ‘Chorlton’

We are very lucky to have a few different independent garden centres in Manchester, which you can visit for inspiration and information and beautiful well-loved plants. Why not pop along to the beautiful : Bud Garden Centre in Burnage or the ever growing Hulme Garden Centre

You don't have to spend a lot of money to begin to create a quiet space, ask friends at this time of year for cuttings, or any clumps of perennial flowers or herbs that are being split, a well chosen plant in a pot or into the ground can grow to totally change a corner or a centre piece in your garden.

We would LOVE to see your hidden tranquil spaces - please email images of your gardens or yards to us at and we can share your images here...

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