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Quiet Drawing Day at Parrs Wood Environmental Centre

Drawing is a method to pay attention to our environment and focus on details that usuall pass us by. Whether that is choosing a palette to represent the prevalent light conditions of the moment, or noticing the tiny hairs on the stem of a flower. When we draw we are literally drawn in to our subject in a meditation where time, noise and other concerns fall away and we are at one with our subject. Much of this project has been about finding places where we can be quiet and still in contrast to the busyness of the city. But many people can find quiet and stillness overwhelming and uncomfortable, this is a sign of our agitation and inability to be at peace. Finding ways to tune into quiet spaces or to be still is a great gift, and drawing is one way. Here are some of our drawings from our Quiet Drawing Day, we hope you like them and can find something of the peace and beauty that we found. One participant noted "we live on a very beautiful planet"...
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