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Sound Drawing in Angel Meadows


Back on Track at Angel Meadows

Rachel had already been working with this group on theme of quiet spaces and the group were really enthusastic about sharing their experiences of quiet and tranquil places that had come about through engaging in this topic on their well-being course. It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with this lovely group, and I hope to visit one of Rachel's groups again to explore more sounds in the city.

Sometimes we need some activities to help us tune in to listening closely. Drawing the sounds that we can hear is a simple and effective method to help us concentrate on listening. Choosing some wax crayons and a large sheet of paper, just sitting quietly with eyes relaxed or closed just let the crayon make contact with the paper and then begin to move the crayon across the page to represent the sounds that you can hear. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You might want to map out the deep vibrations by rubbing hard on the page, you might find yourself swirling your crayon in circles as you listen to the wind rushing around the different trees. It is really a meditation on listening. 

Today the group that chose to do this activity found this exercise really enjoyable and a useful way to tune into the sounds. Like this you are really in the moment. This method takes you away from other cares and concerns and places you right where you are.

We had a lively discussion about sounds and different observations emerged.

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