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Meditative Drawing

TLC St Lukes, 19/9/17

This workshop explored the method of 'Zen Drawing' developed and written about by Frederick Frank in 'Zen and the art of Seeing'. 

This is a really lovely way to introduce mark-making to people who don't have a lot of experience or confidence in drawing. 

We did some warm up exercises of drawing our breath, and drawing the sounds that we could hear. This helped us to get a feel for the pencil on paper, and help us begin to get a flow to our mark making.

Next we looked closely at the plants in front of us on the table and used this careful looking method to really study and explore the object with our eyes, our hands just following the eye-line.

This method is a really lovely way to spend time in quiet or green spaces, by sitting quietly and drawing whatever happens to be around us, a way to tune into our environment and look deeply.

As the sun was shinning, it seemed a shame not to go outside, so discussed the different things we might like to draw outside and then set about the last part of the workshop drawing in the late afternoon soon. The low light and long shadows can be seen in some of the drawings...

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