Mapping Manchester's Quiet Spaces 2017-2018  :

promoting positive mental health through nature-based art activities & exploring our city from the point of view of sound levels and their effect on our health and well-being.

We worked with different partner groups and individuals to discuss and share our experiences of noise and stress in the city, and how we navigate the city to seek out peace and quiet. We ran a research project to capture some data about how sound levels are experienced and their impact.

Participants learned practices of deep looking, deep listening and mindful walking as well as skills in digital photography, field recordings, and mindful drawing. You can access our blog posts for this project in the main BLOG section of this website and also see more detail about workshops with our partners below. Check out some of the sounds that we recorded on our Listen page and read the poetry created by our Creative Writing Group.


Arrival at the Growing Together Project, Highfields Ecological Allotment Project, 10/10/17, World Mental Health Day 2017

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