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sound recordings and images from our workshops and events

for best results please listen with headphones, but please don't turn the volume up too high as some of the recordings have louder sections,

tune in your ear rather than turn up the volume!

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 07.50.54.png

This is a gentle recording of soft rain, meant for deep listening. Our senses seem to be more alert and more sensitive during these lock down months. In my wooden hut in the garden I have been listening to the different types of Manchester Rain. This soft rain is really beautiful, I have tried to capture it here.

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Early Birds! Last week, 16th April I got up early and crept outside with my microphone to record the 'dawn chorus'. It was 5.30am, but after 15 minutes I gave up because I realised that it was already all over... The birds were already up and about and doing their business... The recording I made is the first recording below 12:27. The next recording I made the following morning, 17th April when I got up at 3 am and listened and took some time to set up the microphone at 4.25am, there were some blackbirds already singing, but mostly it was quiet and still. I put my recorder on and about half an hour later it started for real, again by 5.30am it was mostly finished, this is the second recording below 43:54.
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Two minutes two seconds just before dawn in a Longsight garden. (Phil Samphire)
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Swans & Cygnets at Cotton Field Wharf,

New Islington Marina 20/11/12

A recording of early morning birdsong in Nanternis, Wales
22/3/20 Mothers Day and Spring Equinox (Alison Kershaw)
Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 12.30.18.png
Recording of Song Thrush in Withington, 8.30am Friay 24th January 2020, the bird has been in the gardens all week. Listen here:
And this is another recording of another Song Thrush in Fletcher Moss, Didsbury this week by TomL:
Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 12.43.45.png
'Time's Up' the sound of alarms in St Peters Square, Climate Strike 20th September 2019
Listening by the stream in Highfields Country Park,
2/7/19 St Luke's Walking Poetry Session with Nige Woods
Listening at Dusk, Parrs Wood Environmental Centre
5/5/19 International Dawn Chorus Day
highfields park.jpg
30/4/19 Listening at Highfields Park

30/1/19 Listening as the snow began to melt

This is a very quiet gentle recording, recommended for SLOW listening, use head phones, sit down close your eyes and listen...

Canal Winter Walk Sound & Feelings Sampling

Air vents on the canal

Emptying lock and goose calling ot bridge 

Sound Sample Oxford St/Whitworth St

Sound Sample bottom of steps onto Canal

Sound Sample Lock 90

Sound Sample Lock 90

Sound Recordings from the some quiet spaces September - November 2017:

•Honey Bees, Growing Together Project, Levenshulme Allotments

•Preparing Hawe Jelly, Growing Together Project, Levenshulme Allotments

•Swans and Cygnets, Cotton Field Wharf, New Islington Marina, with Back-on-Track Wellbeing group 2

•Reflections on Listening: Angel Meadows, Back-on-Track Wellbeing group 1

•Skateboarders on Hanover Street, Manchester City Centre

•Walking through the Whitworth Art Gallery during our ‘Amongst the Trees’ drawing workshop, with members of St Lukes Art Project and Manchester Community Qigong Group

•Filling up the water butt, hydrophone recording, Growing Together Project, Levenshulme Allotments

Making Hawe Berry Jelly 

at the Growing Together Project,

Highfields Ecological Allotment Project, 10/10/2017

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