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Here are some resources which illustrate the inspiration and context for this Quiet Spaces project.

This page will be updated gradually so please keep coming back to discover more great sound and listening work...

Harmonic Oscillator

Artist Vic McEwan at Alderhey Childrens Hospital

This amazing project explored the sonic environment of the hospital, resulting in research, an EP, an App, a book and a number of art works using found sounds, hospital beds played with cello bow and a journey to an underground oil tank in the wilds of Scotland

The Great Animal Orchestra

Finding the Origins of music in the world's wild places

Brilliant book drawing on 45 years of listening and sound recording Bernie Krause evidences the natural sounds that are being drowned out by our disproportionate human noise...

He also has a great website you can view here

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This is where it all began..

Thanks to Amanda Belantara for introducing us to the work of Murray Schafer and the World Sound Project in her workshop with us in 2012

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Focusing on women in sound this site has up to date events, opportunities and information on women sound artists, researchers, performers, publications workshops etc. Creating a 'network or networks' this is a fantastisc much needed resource.

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Great resource to find out what is going on world-wide and in your own country in the present world of Accousit Ecology...

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Kinokophone collects and composes sounds, stories and imagery from around the world. We are an artist collective, producing installations, sound for documentary films, oral history projects, music, tapestries, models; anything that we think is exciting and fun! We also organise Kinokophonography, an evening of sharing and listening to field recordings from around the world.

St Lukes has collaborated with Amanda Belantara and Kinokophone  on a number of different projects, and St Lukes participants have contributed to Kinokophonography events in Manchester and Japan. 

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Jez teaches on the Wildeye sound recording workshops with Chris Watson and has been a great inspiration to the sound work that we do at St Lukes Art Project. 

Using intuitive composition, field recording, improvisation and photography, Jez has been exploring his enjoyment of and interest in detail, simplicity and his emotive response to places and situations for over 3 decades read more here...

St Lukes Art Project have been very lucky to work with Jez on a couple of occassions; exploring both the sounds of the renovation of the Elizabeth Gaskell House and of Victoria Baths in Ardwick Manchester. Jez's approach to listening continues to inspire and energise us. 

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Fabulous site - do check out the MENU button on top left of home page to see all the amazing information and resources available as well as scrolling down through the items. You could literally spend days in this wonderful website!

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Crisap's ' main aim is to extend the development of the emerging disciplinary field of sound arts and to encourage the broadening and deepening of the discursive context in which sound arts is practised.'

They run great seminars and conferences and free events if you can get to London...

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The British Library has a fantastic sound archive and also houses the Oral History Society which also offers training in recording oral histories and editting them, These courses have been a great asset to our sound recording and local history work at St Luke's Art Project.

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