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Rae Story is the media artist at TLC Art & Drop-in Projects and is leading on the MMQS/Breathing Spaces project.

The Art Project is now based at Pool Art Studio: 18-20 Grosvenor Street in Ardwick (just off the A6 near Mancunian Way)

TLC Art & Drop-in Projects is an independent charity providing activities and support for people with mental health problems.

Our work was established in 1989 to help people with mental health needs, by providing a safe and welcoming environment, and offering support and activity to all participants.

We offer a holistic range of interrelated services addressing: mental health and well being; arts, creativity and expression; healthy living; community; advocacy, guidance and advice.

You can contact either of us about the project, by using the contact form - or:

Tel: 07767 356302

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