Coming Home in Public (Summer 2020)

Len Evans is working on his first publication of poetry with our in-house publishing company, SlapDash Publishing Here he shares some recent work: 1 LOWRY’S NEW PARK I stroll a full circuit just inside the fence, just inside my surreal sense of the day. I find and perch on a brand new, black painted bench. I’ve walked into a painting. He’s come further south of the city for this view, minus the factories and smoking homes, but his dogs are here, tails up, inquisitive. Tails down, exhausted from runs between other dogs, birds stealing and joggers who frighten them into another chase. The older man, bent over, is also here, hands behind his back, struggling like he’s walking up a steep hill. T

Power of Green #1

The TLC Art Team have been doing some r+d over the summer and as part of one of our zoom workshops we asked people to write for 5 minutes on the Power of Green. These spontaneous writings then went on to form some inspiration for creating a proposal of future work. It has been a very exciting opportunity to work together in this way, and we wanted to share our spontaneous writing with you - and also encourage you to write under that heading too. When you do this activity, you literally put your pen to paper and you write whatever comes to mind, even if it appears to have nothing to do with the title! If you are supposed to be writing about the Power of Green and you suddenly remember some s

The Power of Green #2

Green has saved me in lockdown, I have visited Birchfield's Park almost everyday it is where I can breathe, be amongst the trees, hear birdsong, feel the air… Sometimes the noise of speeding cars and gangs of people who shouldn’t be gathered bring me down again, but not for long. The good thing about repeatedly visiting the same bit of green is noticing that it always changes, or that there is always something I have not noticed before. The weather is like changing the lighting on a stage, it shifts how the park feels, who is there, the sensory aspects of it. One really interesting thing has been the flash backs, walking through the grass suddenly takes me back to my childhood garden, or a s

Autumn Awe

I am really enjoying the local parks and gardens at the moment. When the sun comes out especially, the colours and textures and shapes come to light in a very pleasing way. This season is magical! Check the weather, plan ahead or be spontaneous, take the moments that you can to grab a coat and a flask and set off to your local patch of green (red, orange, yellow, brown) and enjoy...

Something Precious

I drew this Teddy Bear, which is older than me! I used pen, pencil crayon and watercolours. It's not a finished drawing and you can still see the wet paint I used to put shadows in. He's sitting on my work desk next to a glass to give an idea of scale. He’s so old that I almost can’t remember the blue grey colour he used to be before his fur fell away leaving threadbare cloth. Drawing by Alison Kershaw Here’s a new project for you to do at home. Think about your most treasured possessions. What do you have around you that is very precious to you? I don't mean valuable in a sense of money - I mean something that means a lot to you. It could be something passed down through generations, or it

Manchester Poplars

Pool Arts members have been doing a series of Park Walks. Roger and Anastasia sent the following, on their discovery of the beautiful Black Poplar. Image by Anastasia Anastasia: Artwork from our trip to Alex Park, 24th September,  which I enjoyed immensely! A combination here of photo's taken on my phone,  bark rubbing, (the paper was too thick,and I think pastels or charcoal would have been more effective), contour drawing (it's so hard not to peek at the paper!!), and sketching using Caran D'Ache watercolour crayons: Images by Anastasia Roger Howard: I came across this blog when in Alex Park with Anastasia and Akinyemi. Anastasia and I saw this magnificent tree with deeply fissured b

Moonlit Walk for Full Moon Festival

Full Moon / Mid-Autumn Festival was on 1st October this year We arrived at the woodland as the moon was rising so as we set off it was still quite dark so we stuck initially to the wider fire trails, catching glimpses of it low down between the trunks of the trees. It was a really still night, not a shiver of a breeze so our footsteps sounded so noisy crunching on the gravel. We heard an owl hoot occasionally but nothing else rustled in the dark, our approaching footsteps would have cleared the area well before our arrival. My eyes adjusted to the lack of light but some dips in the trail were very dark and we both noticed how much sharper was our awareness of the scents of the forest by nigh

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