Mandalas and Weaving into the Spaces left by Trees

15th September 2020, Ardwick Green, We had gorgeous weather for the first TLC Art Project workshop since the start of Lockdown in March. We could only have 6 people meet to make sure we were sticking to the government rule of 6. Which led to these great images of the group, a little piece of history. Instead of meeting at the drop-in and walking together we each arrived at Ardwick Green under our own steam (mostly on foot). We first walked around the park to look at how powerful nature is, how it takes over. In manmade parks the roots of trees break through the paths and the weeds grow over the edges. We worked as a group to make two pieces of impermanent art. The first piece was to make a d

(Apparently) 6 is the Magic Number!

Last week we managed to do our final walk in the Ardwick Art Walks series funded by GM Walking This final walk was designed and lead by Emily Hayes on our theme of Nature Resilience and we will covering this walk in the next blog post. Here I just wanted to highlight our workshop had a total of six people, Emily Hayes (Artist) myself (TLC Media Artist) and four participants who lived locally in Ardwick and had signed up for this walk when we first advertised the walks in February/March 2020. And here we are socially distanced portraits of our group : Images by Rae Story

Anne W's Atlas of Everyday Objects

Coming home after a short break away was lovely - back to so many things that have sustained me over the last strange months. I was reminded of previous posts on the Blog of “everyday things” and drawings and pictures of 9 things which made lockdown a little bit easier. I thought I’d share a mixture of pics and sketches representing 9 of the things that have helped me through  the last few months. These included exploring green spaces in Chorlton meadows with Dolly the Dog which gave me a place to be close to nature and to really take time to see it; listening to music, singing and playing my guitar much more; taking time to practice my qigong and having a go at capturing some of t

Finding new Green Spaces in Manchester

As we are restricted from meeting friends and family in our own homes and gardens we have all been forced outside to meet up with people in parks and public green spaces. For those of us who are mobile and able to do that, this has been a wonderful way to get to know more green spaces in our local areas. Even though I have been working on Mapping Manchester's Quiet Spaces for sometime clearly there are still green spaces on my doorstep that I had not got around to visiting. Here are some of my new places: Stretford Meadows Fog Lane Park Hough Clough Images by Rae Story

What is the role of the Artist in Climate Change?

I was recently in contact with Karen Marshall and she sent me her recent iPad drawings, which are absolutely stunning, in particular, my eye was drawn to the drawings of Hebden Bridge during the floods and storms of last winter. Karen has recently moved to Hebden Bridge, so it is interesting to note what she has been sketching since she has arrived there. She is clearly making records of events and local activities (her drawings including opera on the pub steps in Heptonstall on a Sundays during lockdown with retired opera people! As well as drawings from the local repair cafe and people in the streets. But it was the images of Hebden in the floods, and the fluorescent jackets of emergency

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