Allotment Palette

Following on from the Study of Mangetouts here are some heart lifting mid summer colours from down my lotti today. What a palette!

Beautiful Legumes

We tend to separate out vegetable growing from other types of plants in the ornamental garden. There is a lot of appreciation for trees and flowers in particular in the garden, but we can also appreciate the beauty in the plants that we grow for food. At the moment the allotment is bursting with vegetable plants produce their fruits, growing their leaves and strengthening their roots - all of which (at the allotment at least) is food for us to eat. It is simply the little miracle of growing. In this post I thought I would celebrate my Mangetouts which are actually not in my allotment, but in my front garden, because they are so beautiful I want to see them every day (and because they are al

Dear Tree...

I’ve always loved trees. As a child they were among my best companions and places of imagining where I could play, hide or climb to the top and be transported to the Crows Nest of a sailing ship voyaging to a foreign land. So when I read the recent blog about “Befriending Trees”, it just seemed a natural and a familiar thing for me to do. What follows is a simple letter to my friend, The Tree, just to say what’s been on my mind over the last few days now that “lockdown” has been lifted. My Dear Tree, I’ve walked past you so many times and yet only recently did you catch my eye. Maybe it was because it was the very early morning sun shining through your branches or maybe it was seeing you sta


Today I received a link to this, and I wanted to share it. It is a song written by Maddy and performed by herself and Ato Erzan-Essien, you can see and hear the song by clicking on the image or link below: Just so powerful to see how art, music, dance, song, writing can help us to express our deeper feelings in a different way to regular chatting and thinking, when we try to make what we feel communicable to to others we have to work hard to reach deep inside us to find the ways to express what we feel and what we want to say. The process is both healing and transformative as well as inspirational to others. The words that we use

Roger Howard

Roger sent in the drawing of pots on his sister's patio: I was really moved by this drawing, and wanted to discuss Roger's 'process' a bit more with him. Especially to try and share with other people a bit about what is behind a drawing like this. What is involved. Because of lockdown I decided to approach Roger through an email conversation / interview, and this is the outcome. Please take some time to sit quietly and give this your full attention, this post is the groove of SLOW CONSUMPTION - this is the opposite of 'bite-sized' pieces of information and short social media bulletins. This is really considered reflection, so we should honour that in how we prepare ourselves to engage with t

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