Blossoms to Lift our Hearts

And here are some photos from Clare from a walk to Chorlton Meadows on Friday 27th March: "We have discovered places in the meadows we never knew existed, and loving it more and more" And here are Bernadette's beautiful Blooms sent into to us: And here is the Majestic Magnolia in my neighbour's garden:

Ardwick Art Walk 3

A Drawing Walk on the 10th March 2020 Here is a map of our walk, you may be able to do it too? Or you could write it on a list of things you look forward to doing when you can. Enjoy the movement, the fresh air and perhaps look out for the wild flowers we planted along the way. Enjoy retracing our steps and taking notice of the beauty around you, its there to be found, maybe even take a rubbing or two? The theme of my drawing based art walk, which took place on the 10th of March, was 'recipe for resilience' - Take Notice, Be Active, Give, Learn and connect. Take Notice - Taking notice of our surroundings together as we walk, enjoying the places designed for nature to thrive (the gardens) but

A response to the situation...

Painting of fawn, done with acrylics as expression of need to create beauty under state of isolation. To inspire and encourage others:

Turning to Nature

There is finally some sensible advice coming out about how to look after our mental health during the Corona Virus Pandemic, read more here. As well as the excellent advice on this link, from our own project we can certainly advocate nature as a wonderful antidote to the stresses of the world. Here are a few suggestions - please do contact us with your own and we will add to the list. Turning to Nature can focus and calm our minds - 1. Open your window and listen to the birds - you will notice their songs much more in the morning, but throughout the day you can hear different bird song and calls - in spring the birds are getting busy - now might be the time to start to learn one or two bird

Trip to Portico Cancelled

Sadly our trip to The Portico Library for their exhibition: Talking Sense: The changing vocabulary of mind and brain has been cancelled due to Corona Virus. We will be re-arranging the trip either to this exhibition or to their next exhibition What it is to be here: Colonisation and resistance as soon as things return to normal - to please watch this space for announcements.

Ardwick Art Walk 2

I recently led a group on the second of the artist walks, with the focus this time on creative writing. I'd planned a route in advance that would take us from the Church of the Nazarene in Longsight to Pool Arts in Ardwick, largely avoiding main roads in favour of side streets, with the walk being a way for us to explore our local environment, focussing on the flora and fauna to be found there and gathering material we could use to create poems. When planning the route I'd decided to avoid obvious nature spots like parks and public gardens and instead see what we could find walking the streets of our inner city environment. This was a way of focusing on the theme of resilience that links thi

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