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The Ignition Project: "We are asking everyone who lives, works, studies or volunteers in Greater Manchester to share their thoughts with us by filling in a short survey. This survey will help us understand how our citizens value Greater Manchester’s parks, woodlands and other greenspaces. We will use this information to determine how we will invest in improving and increasing our greenspaces, and establish the business case for making these investments." Please fill in their survey which should take about 10 minutes to complete and can be found here.

Drawing with the Senses

I wanted the final workshop to follow on from the previous two I had done but this time making nature more of a focus. As the breathing spaces project shows, moments of calm can be found everywhere you don't have to be totally immersed in nature to achieve it. Having said that I think this time of year is fantastic for tuning in to and noticing nature, the autumnal changes are so dramatic and colourful, from tree lined city streets to garden's and parks. We began with a 'chocolate meditation' (adapted from Mark Williams' raisin meditation). This process of slowly noticing a piece of chocolate by using all of our senses including, eventually taste, helps to show how much we gain from giving s

Final Mark Making with Thread

We finished our final session with Making Marks with Threads, it has been wonderful to see the diversity of people’s approaches to using thread, with some wanting to ‘follow the rules’ and others ‘making new stitches’. A member of the group said he felt ‘embroidery is like meditation’; once everyone had built enough confidence in sewing the room did feel calm and content with many silences as people concentrated. It has been a pleasure to run 4 sessions using stitch and the Hapa Zome printing technique as part of the Breathing Spaces project. Stitch has been used in every walk of life across the world but through industrialisation we have lost touch with the creative side of the products tha

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