Stepping into an Oasis

After we ran our Hapa Zome workshop at Hulme Garden Centre in September we wanted to return and offer a workshop to the centres volunteers and today was the day! We began by introducing the Quiet Spaces project at St Luke’s Art Project and how that came about. We then asked the volunteers why they chose the Garden Centre for their volunteering and we got some really interesting discussion about the benefits of being in nature for our health and well-being and general positivity. Kath who works at HGC then lead us on a sound walk around the garden, stopping in various different spaces around the site to do 1 minute sound samples. This method allows us to capture the different soundscapes and

City of Trees: Pomona

I took the tram to cornbrook and changed for Media City direction - the City of Trees Conference was being held at The Lowry. This was the view from Cornbrook Station at 8am in the morning After the City of Trees Conference we walked back over the busy chester road and dropped down onto Pomona Strand to walk between the river and canal onto Pomona Island back to Cornbrook station. The site is undergoing transformation. Lots of building work as you approach from the Media City side, and an area close to Cornbrook that was fenced off and containing lots of building materials is now clear again. And tonnes of berries on the plants - the birds are going to be happy!

The Sound of Autumn Leaves

In our final Mark Making with Thread workshop with Emily Hayes, we met at St Luke's and walked over to Elizabeth Gaskell House through Swinton Grove Park. It was a beautiful day for it, and the wind was fresh and releasing showers of leaves that fell to carpet the park. We couldn't resist a good crunchy walk through the leaves listening to the dry crisp rustling beneath our feet and the wind in the trees over our heads: Arriving at Elizabeth Gaskell House we noticed how the garden had changed to so much since our Summer Drawing Workshops, the colours are changing and many of the flowers have transformed to sculptural seed heads, a very dramatic and different landscape:

Breathing Spaces: poetry book launch event

I'm a bit late with this, but just to add to whats already been said....The standard in this poetry book is great. It really reflects the diversity of styles and approaches to the idea of Breathing Spaces that this project has incorporated, allowing many voices to be heard. The event at Longsight Library was so enjoyable - with people doing their usual business at the library, from homework to job searches, pausing to listen to our poets. We welcomed some new visitors and most of the participants read their work aloud - daunting at the best of times. Congratulations to everyone. I encourage everyone to buy a book - or borrow from the library!

Sewing Space

We were all amazed by the work that Andy had done on his Hapa Zome print - the green man was emerging from the plant prints this work in progress is just stunning to behold! Well done Andy - you are such a inspiration to us all!! - "This is a beautifully delicate piece that shows off the love of stitch from a long time embroiderer" - Emily Hayes We ran our third Making Marks with Thread with Emily Hayes at Elizabeth Gaskell's House, here we are arriving at the grand entrance: We had a chance to share our dried Hapa Zome prints from the last session. Now that they were dry we could take off any leaves left on (rubbing with a coin), leaving the final image. Everyone composed ideas for embroide

Launching BS Poetry Anthology

Last night we launched our latest Poetry Anthology: Breathing Spaces at Longsight Library With over 21 contributors, this book is a little gem celebrating and sharing the beautiful poems created in Nige Wood's inspiring poetry classes earlier this year. The book is available to buy online as is the previous anthology produced as part of the Quiet Spaces Project (2017-18). You can also see all of our catalogue here on our Publishing Page of Lulu Longsight Library is our local library and a real joy to visit, they have a lot of different events and activities on here - including this Friday 11th October an event with Hafsah Aneela Bashir and Isaiah Hull rising poetry stars of our city. You can

Observation & Experience

Following our Ruskin inspired workshops at Elizabeth Gaskell's house we have produced a set of 10 postcards plus an information card in a wallet with a beautiful drawing of the Elizabeth Gaskell House. The postcard set features drawings of the house, gardens and adjacent Swinton Grove Park produced during the two drawing workshops. And a series of ten Ruskin Quotes collected over the duration of the project (some of which taken from the original publications at The Portico Library).

How to Listen to Bird Song

Thanks to Clare D for sending in this link - beautiful 5 practices to help you to tune into the language of bird song:

Daisy Chains at The Portico

This is a free event at The Portico Library - Wednesday, October 9, 2019 2:00 PM 3:00 PM Daisies are the most common weed in England. Does finding out that they are not native to the UK change your opinion of them? Using the surprising migrant history of one of the UK's most common and well-loved flowers, artists and practitioners Jessica El Mal and Juliette Davis-Dufayard will lead a discursive workshop exploring the value of where things come from and what it means to feel rooted in a place. Bending copper wire to answer questions and express ideas, as a group you will leave behind a daisy chain of your own, as a marker of how the history of the common daisy has affected our thoughts today

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