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After St Luke's yesterday a small group of us went around to see the current exhibition at Chuck Gallery. the exhibition is for International Women's Day: LEGACY- 2nd of March – 24th of March 2018 by Josephe Cocles. It was a breath of fresh air to see this exhibition of African Art using Symbolism as a key component of the work. Really we need to go back and view this work taking more time to appreciate the impact that the work evokes in us. We didn't stay long because I had totally got the opening hours wrong. So to be sure, the opening hours are 11am-5pm Monday-Saturday and 1-5pm on Sunday. This current exhibition is on until 24th March. Don't miss out. The following photographs were take

Slap Dash Book Club Launch

Today Dominique Tessier launched our first Slap Dash Book Club. This was an opportunity for people to come and spend some time exploring our book collection. People gathered and browsed the books they felt drawn to and then swapped books amongst each other as well as writing comments and reflections that will form part of the reviews that we are asking people to write for our website: It was a very moving experience to see how deeply the books and their content were touching people, there was laughter and tears and lots of sharing. There were spontaneous readings and even the creation of new poems during the session. Finally, at the end there was cake! T

The Art Room as a Breathing Space

When we talk about Breathing Spaces, we talk about places that allow us time out from the other things in our lives. These spaces give us mental space for reflection and thought and sometimes a place to be creative and expressive. Lots of people say that St Luke's Art Project is one of these spaces. Here are a few things that were going on here today: Dominique was working on the Slap Dash Catalogue which is an excellent over view of all the books we have published: And here is some of the art work that people have been doing today:

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