Searching for Snow Drops

A little walk from St Luke's we discovered some snow drops in little clusters on the banks of grass at Swinton Grove Park. The park originally belonged to the house where Elizabeth Gaskell lived. Everyone loved getting out into the fresh air and spend some time looking closely at these beautiful little flowers. As we worked drawing, sketching, photographing we noticed things about the structure of the flower that we had never seen before - like the long hoods that arch over the flower stem that seem to protect the flower and must at some point open enough for the bell-like flower to drop down to reveal its special shape. Can you see this structure in any of our images below? "what a great d

#treestory meets #breathingspaces (2)

Leaves Leaves falling from the trees. Birds saying don't desert us please. But leaves say we must go. By now you should know. As they scatter all over, the place. Golden + bright they glitter. Why do they say, sweep me up, sweep me up. When they gather at my door. I take a brush in hand. I am not a happy woman. Mr. Breeze could you be kind. Go blow your leaves another mile. Poem borrowed from Poems by Trudy Blake (1991)

Nature's Calendar

Nature's clock is ticking, at this time of year the sun rises earlier and earlier each day, the birds are pairing up and getting more vocal, the first flowers are emerging and we know it is Spring. But is Spring springing earlier? According to data collected by the Woodland Trust signs of Spring 2019 began in November 2018! With sightings of Snow Drops in November and butterflies and bumblebees spotted over Christmas. It is unclear if these are just small one-off events or whether there is really a trend of Spring coming earlier so the Woodland Trust are encouraging more people to get involved and help track the effect of weather and climate change on the natural world. You can find out mor

Focusing on Breathing Spaces

Last week at St Luke's we had a focus group to bring people together to discuss what Breathing Spaces means to different people, why it is important and how people can get involved in the new project. "I couldn't relax all day, but taking part in that session thinking about Breathing Spaces really helped me to relax - I thoroughly enjoyed it!" Bernice Here are some notes from our session: When we asked what do people think of when they think of breathing Spaces people said: Flowers Fresh Air Tranquility Relaxation Animals Rain/Sunshine Open air Cafes Socialising outside When we asked how people felt about Breathing Spaces, people said: Uplifted Affecting our mood Brain opens up and become mo

Mcr Children's Protest

This say it all to me , sometimes the simplest of images / message ,can be the most powerful at waking us up from our haze/ somber And I really believe this

Solidarity with School Children

Fabulous to see young people rising up to challenge us to address climate injustice and saving our planet. These children's strikes and protests are inspired by Greta Thunberg's actions in August 2018. If you haven't already seen her speaking about climate change you can watch her inspiring and motivating ted talk here: and her addressing the UN climage change conference in December 2018:

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