Quiet Space Collage

Here are the stunning collages Pool Arts Members created during the Quiet Spaces Collage Workshop at their studio on 19/4/18. Full details of the workshop here. Many thanks to Pool Arts for partnering with this project.

Parrs Wood Environmental Centre

A meeting to plan out our next event at Parrs Wood Environmental Centre, thanks to Neil and Kit for their enthusiasm and support of our Quiet Spaces project. Parrs Wood Environmental Centre now has a new website, you can take a look here: and check out their EVENTS page for open days and activities.

What 'Quiet Space' means to me...

A quite space for me is a place where I can think, find peace and calm, rejuvenate after a busy day. I have a few favourite quiet spaces. Inside church buildings. Many a time I have found myself sitting in Manchester cathedral after a spot of shopping around the city centre. I like to go to the library from time to time. I can sit there for hours reading a book. I am fortunate enough to live close to a local park. I tend to go there when it is less busy so I can enjoy a quiet walk. I have created my home environment to be a calming space. I can come home shut the doors and rest. I know this maybe different for those with families. I work in an environment where there is lots of interactions

Psychogeography at MMU

We walk from the bus stop at All Saints park through our old university accommodation towards the Brooks building. Usually just a normal walk we take to our lectures, but now a walk that creates a sense of nostalgia in us all. The path we take highlights past memories from our first year, reminding us of interesting stories, the first time we met and how we have grown to be where we are now. We walk this path and share the stories of nights out and moving away, weaving between the past and the hope for our future. Laughing and reminiscing, listening to the new freshers chatting away in their halls experiencing what we did only a year before. Eventually we arrive where it all started, at the


- IT’S MORE THAN A COMMUNITY LEISURE CENTRE IT’S ABOUT: Moss Memories Opinions Space Stories Side Success Initiative Difference Endeavour Leisure Laughter Edu-tainment Individuals Sharing Understanding Rapport Energy Centre Connectedness Emotions Nurturing Tolerance Relationships Empathy We look forward to it’s re-opening in October 2018

Manchester's Quiet Space

Warning: this piece of writing contains strong language It's all getting too much. I need to find Viles. Sometimes it gets so I can't bear it and I'm running down the stairs to the basement. There'll be the smell of the glue and empty cartons - the boxes that junk up the floor. 'Take a seat!' he'll always say, his teeth showing out through his beard, 'Got too loud?', And I'll have to force my way through the boxes - clear a space to sit down on the couch. 'Can't take it?' He's been sitting behind his 'desk', a large empty box on its side. Affects to come and lean at its front - make out it won't give away with his weight. 'Ooh. So - too loud!' He always makes fun. 'Cars? Buses? Tram doors.'

World Soundscapes

MMQS project is inspired by the work of Murray Schafer and the World Soundscape Project (and here) that he founded in the 1960s (thanks to Amanda Belantara for opening this particular door to us at St Lukes Art Project) . As well as the work of the WSP Murray Shcafer was also a composer, musician, writer, educator and environmentalist particularly concerned with acoustic ecology. I often wonder, what Murray Schafer, now aged 84 makes of our sonic world. The concerns that he writes about in the The Soundscape: the Tuning of the World are if anything more serious today than ever. This video tells us something, take a moment, watch it, listen, then consider what you can do : MURRAY SCHAFER: LIS

Memories of Pomona

Thanks to Artist James Bloomfield for sharing his own memories of walking on Pomona: "I love Pomona, I used to live in Ordsall just on the other side and I would walk my dog Eddie over the bridge and along the canal there twice a day. It was one of the places I think that kept me sane and allowed me to work in the city, some of my happiest memories with Eddie were on that stretch of land and some of my best Art ideas came whilst walking there. There are wonderful plants and flowers and each square metre of ground is fascinating, I used to take photographs looking square on and planned to do some paintings from them. There are ornamental carp in the canal there too and I've regularly seen Kin


Are we doing ecotherapy and providing nature-based experiences in our project? Or are we just following our common sense? We certainly didn't begin this project with these terms in our vocabulary, but it seems that there is much evidence for what we all have an intuitive hunch for... Here are some more research and articles evidencing and discussing what we all know to be true - it is good to get some green outdoor activity into your life: Article by VICE magazine references the original work of Edward O. Wilson in his publication Biophilia in 1984 and linking it to current trends in awareness of our need for a connection to nature Green Infrastructure and the Health and Wellbeing Influences

The Pom*

A meeting of minds... Black & White Photographs: Howard Walmsley Colour Photographs: Rae Story * At some point in the past a pub stood on Pomona Island affectionately known as The Pom.

Lost Gardens

How do we lose our cities 'breathing' spaces? And can urban design bring any back? The Manchester Art Gallery had an exhibition in 2015 about the Lost Gardens of Manchester showcasing the gardens we have lost over the last four centuries. Pomona Island long lost as a botanical and pleasure garden, never-the-less re-emerged after servicing the Manchester Ship Canal as docklands, into the 'wilderness' as we saw in the video on our last blog post. Ecologists have recorded 100 bird species and over 150 flora species, within them, there are 33 biologically important species have been identified according to WeiHua Zhou . As we also saw in the video of the last blog Pomona Island is now owned by

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