Pomona Island

Thanks to Dominique for bringing Pomona to our attention (see #TreeStory 4), and forwarding these links: And: This article from 2014 suggests optimistically that it could be the future Eden of the north, a beautiful biosphere righ there in the city centre, but it iseems that is not is destiny.

Listening at Brooks

Each day this week, at work, in my place of work, a large, 5-storey, open plan, still new, glass-fronted building, I've taken a five minute awake siesta. In Spain siestas are traditionally talked about as short breaks from work. They can be taken in the workplace, or at home, in public parks, on walls. They're often used for sleeping. Each day this week, at work, I've taken mine sitting down or standing up, with my eyes closed. Not asleep, just resting my eyes. I'm listening to other people working. Walking on the carpet. Talking about work. Talking and walking about work. Opening doors. The lift bing bong. That ring tone. That phrase 'to be fair'. Not finishing sentences. Not talking. Clink

Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces mean different things to different people. This project is about Manchester's Quiet Spaces, but during the project people have talked about the importance of green spaces b r e a t h i n g s p a c e s and sacred spaces There is a relationship between these different types of spaces. What does a sacred space mean to you? For some people it might mean the quiet stillness of being in a church, or maybe a circle of trees or standing stones, it could be an altar where you have gathered precious objects and a candle to help focus your mind on a different aspect of being. Try going to a sacred space and take time to notice how you feel when you get there. Different spaces have diffe

Noise Annoys: how sound affects health

On the Today program, radio 4, Friday 2nd March Englands Chief Medical Officer Prof Dame Sally Davies said the impact of air, light and noise pollution was well recognised in the environment. But she said its role in terms of health was yet to be fully understood. Dame Sally added there was enough evidence to suggest action had to be taken. In her annual report, which is essentially a public health report, she said the NHS could lead the way in cutting pollution levels saying for example that one in 20 vehicle journeys was linked to the NHS, either from patients or staff travelling. “Pollution is like junk food, it doesn’t kill you on the day, but sl

#treestory 13

Lent oblige... I'm giving Tree-spotting - in films, that is - a miss. Link (Gracie Fields singing TREES)


#treestory 14 Who knew there were that many Tree songs... Well, I must confess (Lent oblige - part 2) that I sort of did... courtesy of Paul Robeson, one of Manchester's best friends. Link (Paul Robeson singing TREES)

A quiet day at Elizabeth Gaskell's house

A promise to myself that this year I will take time out to draw. Time out of the ordinary, noisy activities of the day to be quiet and still, and to live in the moment. Elizabeth Gaskell House and Garden is a quiet space in which there is a history and tradition of reading and writing, of thinking and reflecting - perhaps not so quiet then, but now it is and as such is very welcome. And the cafe is great too.

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