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Beautiful progam about a Korean Nun and how she cooks... and so much more: Netflix, Chef's Table, Series 3 Episode 1 Why not try and create a beautiful meal simply from fresh colourful vegetables and rice or noodles? If you press your rice into a small dish and turn it out onto the plate you immediately have something that looks very satisfying. There is no reason why our food preparation and meal times can't be times of joy and peace, we can bring some of the calm from this Korean Temple right into our own kitchens and tables. When we prepare food and eat in this way we will digest and absorb our food better and feel the benefit.

#treestory 12

New Year. New Hobby. Tree-Spotting. Tree-Spotting in films. Manchester films. That shared back to Peel Park, one of Hobson's Choice's filming locations.

some sound dates for 2018

I am genderless like cacti and certain species of fish… 19 Jan 2018 | 3 - 7.30pm CRiSAP presents an event exploring Voice, Intelligent Machines and Identity At London College of Communication Led by Cathy Lane Part of the Beyond 2001: New Horizons exhibition Free, booking required City Sonic Places: experiencing the urban soundscape 2 Feb 2018 | 11am - 7.30pm CRiSAP - Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice At London College of Communication International Dawn Chorus Day IDCD 7th May 2018 About Ecoacoustics Congress NEWS: Call for abstracts now open. The Ecoacoustics Congress is a four day conference organised by the International Society of Ecoacoustics (I

Harmonic Oscillator project

Today I attended the event to celebrate the culmination of artist Vic McEwans Harmonic Oscillator project hosted by Clive Parkinson of Arts and Health in Manchester. In the cinema at HOME, Clive presented Vic's work and their collaboration together with Clive acting as a collaborator and critical friend during Vic's residency at Alderhey Children's Hospital. Vic spent his time listening to the sound environment of the hospital and making subtle recordings of heard and unheard sounds and noise, voices and interacting with patients and staff on the wards about how sound affects the patient and the staff experiences - including in the heightened environment of the intensive care unit. Particula

A New Star is Born...

#treestory9 is dedicated to Astronaut John Young ( 24 September 1930 - 05 January 2018) who in 1972 became the ninth man to walk on the moon. Down here in Manchester** Professor Bernard Lovell + his team were eavesdropping with intent when back in July 1969 his colleagues left the following message on the aforementioned planet: "Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.” ** sort of Manchester... (see link)

#treestory 10

New Year Resolution #1: joined Hulme Library Book Club. Tick. Read N W by Zadie Smith. Tick. Here's an excerpt: "Apple tree, apple tree. Apple. tree. Which way is forward? Tick. Tock. Three flats. One apple tree. Freehold, leasehold. Heavy with seeds." A (free) e-book version of N W is available at - access via Manchester Libraries website. That shared back to the Moon courtesy of Apollo 13... or was it 11? Never mind. Tick.

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