Quote of the day: Humans are a minority species in Withington...

"So far, I have counted 34 species of birds in my urban garden. Humans are a minority species in Withington, but we are a powerful minority, able to protect the precious green spaces around us. Next time you see your neighbour peering round the curtains with a pair of binoculars, you will understand." Diana Hutchinson Withington Civic Society - Wildlife Page Click here to find out more about the Society - check out the menu on the left hand side

On Leafblowers

ON LEAFBLOWERS Oh, unholy, unhallowed monstrosity that is the leafblower. Blasting through the peace of my off-work afternoon like some great mechanical anus, fruit of a madman’s lab. Carried in the manner or a futuristic weapon by a person who’s waking hours could surely be spent more profitably, say by picking his nose of grinding hula hoops into a powder and moulding it into little likeness of Graham Norton. Anything, anything but the soul crushing insanity that is the leafblower. Most odious of inventions. Most pointless of contrivances. Shittiest, of machines. Okay, so the atom bomb, the thumb screws, the gas chamber: all have their claim to the mantle of humanities vilest mechanism. Bu

Meeting at Parrs Wood Environmental Centre

A great meeting with one of the members of Parrs Wood Environmental Centre about possible partnering in 2018, I got another amazing tour of the site - see the images below. Please note that Parrs Wood Environmental Centre is part of Parrs Wood High School and is not open to the public except for events - please see their calendar for events listings.

Canal Walk: Marsden to Slaithewait

A half hour train ride from Manchester brings you to Marsden, a large village nestled in the Colne Valley of the Marsden and Meltham Moors. From the train station you can literally cross to the other side (over the bridge) and drop down onto the canal tow path for a delightful walk east towards Slaithewait (and the Handmade Bakery). A simple, flat walk, straight forwards without decisions to be made about styles or forks in the road, without uphill struggles or downhill shin pain lets you fall into a rhythmic pace allowing space for the mind to relax and for full appreciation of the stunning surroundings.

Article from the NYtimes

Many thanks to Jenna Ashton for sharing this article with us


Made it (virtually) to Burnley... Peace found...


Searching for peace in Burnley - courtesy of the Singing Tree...


On my way (virtually) to Boggart Clough Hole - Manchester park tightly recommended by John Roby, author of TRADITIONS OF LANCASHIRE (1872): “Not far from the little-snug smoky village of Blakeley, or Blackley, there lies one of the most romantic of dells, rejoicing in a state of singular seclusion, and in the oddest of Lancashire names, to wit, the "Boggart-hole." Rich in every requisite for picturesque beauty and poetical association, it is impossible for me (who am neither a painter nor a poet) to describe this dell as it should be described; and I will therefore only beg of thee, gentle reader, who peradventure mayst not have lingered in this classical neighbourhood, to fancy a deep, deep


“(…) the historian reads mankind in cities; the philosopher in the clouds. He” [or she…] “who is anxious for the truth should look abroad on the plains or in the woods, where man’s first prerogative, the giving of names, was exercised.” Interesting excerpt from TRADITIONS OF LANCASHIRE (1872) that takes us back to #treestory4 which brought Newton’s Apple Tree to our attention. Coincidently seeds from the aforementioned tree were sent to Jodrell Bank Observatory… in November 2016. Anyway, back to November 2017 + Boggart Clough Hole - according to “trees near the entrance from Middleton Road were planted by Robert Moffat [pictured], father-in-law of David Livingstone.”

hear what we've been up to

Hope you can come along. This event will include presentation by artist Rae Story and participants and will be held in the lovely space of St Luke's Church - a comfortable and peaceful setting to view some of the images, hear the sounds and listen to some of the poems created so far. We'll have some refreshments for you. We look forward to meeting you.

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