Here you can link to our questionnaires right now, just click on the two links below and away you go. There are two forms for you to fill in, you can do one or both - and please do call back to fill them in again in a few weeks time, when you've had a longer time to think and notice about how sound affects you. The results will help us to see how sound affects our mental health and wellbeing 1. Mapping Manchesters Quiet Spaces Questionnaire 2.Mapping Manchester's Quiet Spaces questionnaire: Exploring ourselves as sound-makers

Our flyer

The flyer gives some of the regular bookable digital art sessions and the creative writing groups that will take place during our busy Tuesday Art Studio sessions - if you've been on the walks, you'll probably want to book a session to download photographs, listen to the sound recordings and learn how to edit them ready for publishing. Or maybe you'd like to write about your experience on the walk with writer Nige Wood The first introduction talk for the project will be on Tuesday 5th September 4:30pm

Mapping Manchester's Quiet Spaces

First meeting of creative team for this project with TLCStLukes Art Project. I m helping coordinate this with Artist, Dr Rae Story and volunteer/writer Nige Wood who will be working with people who experience mental and emotional distress in Manchester to explore how sound affects their mental health - and how finding quiet space can counteract the adverse effects. Got an experience to share? Contact us to find out more.

Fleeting flowers admist the busy city

Poppies flower for one day only. The sounds of the city recede as you look closely. Their translucent, papery petals detatch and float away even as you try and draw them. These observational drawings and photographs are studies for Chinese Ink Paintings.

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